Is There a Bi Dating App?

There are so many companies are growing their business on the Internet. Websites, applications, digital services, E-commerce, and more. In the online dating field, every year there are more than 100 million profits gained by kinds of online dating sites, apps develop and operation companies.

I’m bisexual, so I’m much more interested in a bi dating app rather than any other apps for general dating. This is just because of some bad experiences I used to have. Low match chance is not a big problem, people’s prejudice is.

How to Choose the Real Bi Dating App

Many sites claim they only cater to bisexual people. This not always true. I cannot say it’s wrong to have a mission for a dating app, but what I think is most bi dating apps are just saying to win more members. In my case, I will give it a detailed look when I decide to dive into a bi dating app. This is what I can do.

Top 5 Bi Dating Apps

How to Make an Efficient Quick View Before Using

Slogans and about introduction are a part of it. But we need to use our eyes and brains. Currently, tons of reviews and comment articles fulfilled the Internet, we need to distinguish whether it’s helpful and latest. It’s simple to know if a review article is the newest, just look up the date of publishment. But the quality is a little hard to know. So I have a simple way to do this. Length, format, and structure.


A good review is detailed and helpful for readers. The content can satisfy most of the visitors to what they are searching for. Frankly, search engines are always working hard to do this, provide the most useful content to searchers.


A content with full text is hard to read. They may need at least some graphics and tables to describe their topics better.


A well-done structure is clear to help users find every question and small topics. Like Intro, 1st block, 2nd block, …, summarize. This is the most simple but is useful.

In the case we can’t distinguish whether the content is good quality, this is what we can do to know whether it’s useful without reading.