Bisexual Dating in Canada

Are you looking for bisexual dating in Canada? As a 16-year-old dating website especially caters to bisexual singles and couples, our headquarters office located in 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario. Our service has covered Canada, the US, the EU, UK, and Australia. No matter you are interested in bi-curious dating, bisexual hookup, a casual encounter or even like a threesome, our site will satisfy you. Most basic features are available for standard members and after 40$/month payment for a premium membership you will be able to use whole basic and advanced features.

Why you are bisexual
What people think bisexuality is
What people think bisexuality is

Choose a proper site or app to date.

When it comes to your mind that desire of having a bisexual partner you might think about why you do not use social networks to find someone special? That seems doable but actually, it doesn’t work well. Let me tell you why.


Top social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and etc are good but not good enough for launching to find someone for bisexual dating. If you use your own account to find someone then your friends on that app would know you are looking for a bisexual person. Though you don’t care this will influence the reputation of you, there is a low success rate in this case. It’s hard to find someone in this big pool. If you do not want other friends to know that, the only choice is to use a new account but it is tough to be trusted by strangers. Even you arrange one, it is not sure that the person is not a scammer.


When we want to buy something rare, it is necessary to get ourselves to that market to buy that. As the same, we need to dive into a bisexual dating pool to find someone who is bisexual and has the same needs. That brings high successful chances.

Things that don't change the fact that you are bisexual
Things that don’t change the fact that you are bisexual
Bi-ish TV representation in a nutshell
Bi-ish TV representation in a nutshell

By the way, there are at least 87% of Canadians live 100 miles around the border of America. So if you too, objectively that’s easier to meet someone special.

Good luck to you!

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