9 Tips for Using Bi Hookup Apps


Now that you have found the Bi Hookup App you want to use, what next? Don’t rush to use it, there are some tips that will be useful.

1. Complete the profile

Most new members thought ‘I will come back later to complete these’ but the truth is they missed a lot of chances during this period. Not to mention that a few of members will forget this. So, the best way is complete it first, if you have too many questions are hard to fill just stop and think about your needs and reality then choose the nearest answer to fill it. The most important thing is your profile photo and description. The impression for you of others depends on it so do it seriously.

2. Check your inbox

Generally, you would have an inbox to receive messages from other people and official team and the position usually is on the top of the interface, a few apps may set it on the lower left or right corner. Check it first you will find some information usefully. Also, in the inbox, there are some functions allow you reply directly in different methods such as stickers, text and pictures.

3. Use search functions to seek people

The most straightforward way is to go to the search function interface, set the filter and click Search. The most commonly used filter is distance filtering, which is set to your target geographic radius, such as within a radius of 20 miles. Plus, other filters are great to seek someone you want.

4. Fill your album

In the ‘profile’ tab there always be a tab called ‘album’ or ‘photos’ and if it is, try fill it. This helps others to know you.

5. Go to like and comment on other people’s photos

In fact, you can click on the photo to go to the other person’s profile page to get a deeper understanding, then follow your wishes to establish a connection or skip.

6. View the activity status of others

Most websites and apps allow users to see if they are online, and users can turn it off in their privacy settings. But this feature does promote links between members.

7. Use live chat

It’s like general social software like Facebook. There will also be chat rooms that allow users to form groups to chat. Just click on the appropriate feature tag to enter and then find someone to start.

8. Don’t ignore the forum

Comment in the forum or post by yourself, you will know more people in this way. They will also know that you are looking for someone seriously.

9. When you have problems

Send a letter directly to the customer service to ask. Of course, if you can browse the FAQ first, it will be even better. But direct contact with customer service is a very simple and quick method.

When using a new thing, the most important thing is to explore. Try every new feature and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the right way to use the Bi Hookup App.

Finally, don’t forget to give us your success story, we love to hear that!