Best Bisexual Dating Apps (2019)

Nowadays bisexual dating apps trends more attention of bisexual people. More and more activity run on a mobile device so we picked up the top bisexual dating apps for each bisexual individual who is looking for a good bisexual dating app. Also, we collect other rankings of more kinds of dating apps just hit the link on the menu.

#1 BiCupid


BiCupid is an app developed specifically to meet the needs of bisexual people. There are many apps for gay and lesbians on the market, but very few services for bisexuality. It is unique. In addition, BiCupid has a team that responds fairly quickly. The team reviews users' feedback every day and is always ready to optimize. As a dating app, it's fully functional. Both free and premium users can enjoy good search and communication functions. At the same time, the spark function allows the user to swipe left or right to select their own match. More unknowns need to be explored by yourself.

#2 Match


The Match website was created in 1995 and its app was released in 2010. Today, the Match has more than 60 million members worldwide, whose members distribute in 25 countries and use more than 15 languages. When using Match, the user needs to know that passive waiting has no results at all. This is the most unique point of using Match. By the way, Match particularly caters to people seeking serious and long-term relationships, which depend on their design philosophy.

#3 OkCupid


With more than 10 million registered users, you are obviously not the only one who was itching for some sort of middle ground. Also, since it is one of the OG dating sites (debuted in 2004), its trusted name brings an impressive user base. On OkCupid, it's actually not a pain in the ass when you are creating your profile. It is adorable and feels super low-pressure with its login page and fun questions. So, if you're attractive by the outstanding advertising of OkCupid and all points above here, just try it.

#4 Badoo


With 350 million users and location-based algorithm, Badoo focuses on helping you meet others within your vicinity. Cause it's super visually oriented, you have to upload a killer profile picture to use efficiently the impressive detailed feature shows when and where you may have bumped into a user in real life. But it depends on the number of your nearby bisexuals if you just want a bisexual partner. Also, another con is that many site features require paid credits to unlock.

#5 Bumble


The most unique aspect of Bumble is that women need to initiate a conversation at the beginning of the process. For men, this means they need to wait a long time after swiping. So Bumble set up a 24-hour limited-time chat to encourage female users to be more active and to make an event faster. Users need to log in using the facebook account. In Bumble, you get very little information at the same time because the application's interface is designed to be visually oriented. The registration process does not require a lot of in-depth descriptions, so if you are looking for a long-term serious relationship, it may not apply. But if you are a female user and don't care much about it, you will feel respect and friendliness.